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The Dark Side of Vintage Gear: minimoog maintenance

Vintage gear have a special appeal, but need continuous cures and repairs to remain operative during the years. Older machines are usually easier to maintain, due to their simpler “discrete” design. Most of the components are easily available and rare parts are usually not too many.

The Minimoog is one of these machines, potentially “eternal”, if periodically maintained.

One of the most recurrent fails is its keyboard mechanism. The switches are small springs moved by the keys up to touching a contacts rail. Oxidation tends to form, making the contact erratic.

I took some pictures while cleaning the small springs of the keyboard contacts of my 1977 Minimoog:

Removing the bottom panel, gives access to the keyboard contacts

Keyboard mechanism and the rear of the control panel.

Keyboard contacts. Below the transparent plastic supports there are the tiny contact springs.

Cleaning the small springs with cotton swabs and alcohol. Notice the dirtiness left on the cotton.