OK, a failure can happen even to the most modern synths,  most commonly caused by a failing component, but finding a tiny polystyrene pellet right inside the contacts of my Elektron Analog Keys keyboard, has been really surprising. The small fluffy ball, found the way through, still in the production phase I guess, as when I opened the keyboard assembling all looked clean and the rubber tops were well sealed. As the warranty had expired already, I had the perfect excuse to check what was inside the only of my “unexplored” synths.

There are plenty of tiny screws to have access to the “insides”, better using a powered screwdriver.







Keyboard assembly







Keyboard PCB







Contact pads






Under the contact pads is where I found the small pellet


Simply removing it and assemble all parts back, the synth’s keyboard returned to working smoothly.


     Elektron Analog Keys PCB







2 thoughts on “Elektron Analog Keys broken keyboard and repair

  1. Hey there! I am GiGi from Italy and I was wondering how difficult is to repair a issued LCD on my AK unit (it shows irregular contrast here and there).
    Do you think a skilled guy can perform this repair without having me to costly send the unit to Elektron HQ?
    Thanks in advance for your insights!
    My best regards,

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